My fiancee, Rochelle, and I moved into the house we are renting in Dover this past Friday and have gotten three-quarters through the oh-so-delightful process of unpacking, decorating and finding what we still need to complete the spaces.

I'm a native New Englander, grew up in Rhode Island, and had places in Connecticut for a number of years, too, but she is from Michigan where we met.

Our subdivision is relatively new (my car's GPS system can't locate the street, but that's another story), and there are mostly families new to the area as I say its not a heritage neighborhood.

The snowstorm gave us all an excuse to meet the neighbors as we all went out to clean cars, clear walkways, etc., and as it turns out our next door neighbors are also from Michigan and met at MI State University -- the arch rival, or Ro's alma mater U of M (its the college equivalent of Sox-Yankees)

The couple said, "We have a state flag and everything for the porch," and Ro comes back with, "Oh we'll be putting up a U of M flag AND a Pats flag cause Tom went to my school so..."

Mic drop!

Also, I wasn't aware there were football team flags in my new house.

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