This morning, (September 16) Train and I talked to Andy Herrick, Marketing Director, at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom. 

Andy shared his feelings about Eddie Money's passing and how his favorite picture was the one that went viral not long ago.  Before the show this past April, Eddie posted a picture on his Facebook page of him and his daughter  (she was about 2 at the time) hanging out on Hampton Beach.  Eddie had on "club casino" sweatpants and his daughter was on one of those tether's that were popular for a while.  (no judgement from anyone who has ever been a parent.)

Andy also said that Eddie was so down to earth.  That he was. Andy told us the last time he was at the Casino back in April, he walked through the front door.  He told the ticket people in the booth, "Hey, I'm Eddie Money.  I'm gonna go inside now."

I remember on one of his visits to the Casino, Eddie's then pregnant wife needed to go use the bathroom, but she didn't want to take her 3 other little kids through the crowd.  I told her I would watch them while she went.  So that's my big story about Eddie.  I babysat his kids for like.... 10 minutes.  Freaks me out that they are now all grown and play on stage with him.

Here the complete interview here:

We will miss you Money Man!!  May you live in Paradise forever!