Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Breeze is coming to Pease.

Portsmouth International Airport at Pease announced yesterday via Facebook that Breeze Airways will be coming to Pease International Airport starting in October.

Breeze will fly on Wednesdays and Saturdays, only out of Portsmouth.  Right now, there are two destinations: Orlando and Fort Meyers, Florida.

Is Breeze Less Costly?

I went through the process of booking a flight in February of 2025.  I just wanted to see how much money it would cost, of course.  The total cost was $178 roundtrip for one person flying to Fort Myers, but that did not include a carry-on bag.  You could take a small bag, like your purse, and store it under the seat in front of you. However, you would have to pay $30 more for a carry-on and $35 for a suitcase.
If you want to pick your seat, that's an extra $20-$125.
No snacks unless you pay extra for them.
No inflight WiFi unless you want to pay for one of the nicer deals.
Of course, there are always discounts, credit card incentives, etc.

Even with all these extra charges, how nice would it be to go to PORTSMOUTH, get on a plane, and fly non-stop to Florida for a getaway in the winter?  REALLY nice.

I imagine that Breeze may add other cities to their flight schedule, but right now, they just have the two destinations.
Even with all the extra charges, if you've ever gone to Boston for a quick jaunt to Florida, it might be totally worth it to pay for your carry-on just to save on the travel time coming up Route 93.
Have you ever flown Breeze Airlines?  What do you think of them?

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