Read an interesting news item on MSN about an incredibly well-preserved car dating back to the 1920s found hidden in a barn.

As you might imagine, it's rare for a 90-year-old car to still have all its original parts including (upholstery and windshield) in addition to the Packard being a rare car in and of itself today.

I've heard of this happening from time to time where old cars are forgotten and found nearly preserved in old barns, the woods (as was the case recently with a tour bus once used by Aerosmith in the 1970s) and wondered, where in New Hampshire has this occurred?

Sure enough, there was quite the find just a couple years ago, and all those cars found have been refurbished or in the process, according to WMUR. There were 18 Cadillacs found in a barn in Winchester back in 2016.

Can you imagine how incredible that would be to find something like that?

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