What is happening at The Tuckaway Tavern in Raymond tomorrow?

Check out the Tuckaway's Facebook page

Someone should go investigate what's happening there tomorrow if they lived only a mile down the road, shouldn't they? Maybe that someone could even walk to place to try to see a film crew. Do they need extra people in their shots? Could they be filming a TV show?

All I know is for the past week or so, the marquee on their sign said, "A Carnivore Emporium - Guy Fieri"

It's no secret that Guy Fieri is a fan of our Bobby Marcotte, so maybe Guy just has a hankerin' for Bobby's steak tips.  I can relate, Guy.  I can relate.

A friend of mine said that the Tuckaway Tavern's food was the best food he ever had in his life!  I don't disagree.

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