So Many Cat Lovers Are Waiting

Not sure if you've heard about this place yet, but if not, let me tell you, as a cat lover, I just can't wait to go to the Tipsy Tabby in Newmarket, New Hampshire.

What is the Tipsy Tabby?

Besides being my dream place to visit, you mean?  The Tipsy Tabby is a coffee, tea and baked goods place where CATS and KITTENS live and play.  Not only that, but you can adopt some of the cats!  The Tipsy Tabby has partnered with Cat Tales Rescue in Seabrook.  Click here to find out more about them.

It Is a Dream in the Making

Kaitlyn, the founder of the Tipsy Tabby was a vet in the Atlanta, Georgia area, but returned to New Hampshire to open up the cat cafe and spread love and joy to all.  Or, at least to me.


Why the Delay in Opening?

We heard about the Tipsy Tabby a few months ago and we have been waiting patiently, but because of COVID-19 related delays that were out of their control, the opening has been delayed.  The website still says August 2021, however, if you've ever experienced any kind of construction project, you know that there may be further delays.  Then throw in a global pandemic and there are certain to be other unforeseen problems.

Look for Super Cool Local Re-purposed Materials in the Cafe

So.... I think Kaitlyn is one of my favorite people and I haven't even met her.  Not only is she opening up a cat cafe with coffee and treats, but she also is using historic, local, award-winning material from Phillips Exeter Academy!  The famous architect, Louis Khan designed the Phillips Exeter Academy Library and won an award for his work.  The library has since gone through some renovation and some of the material is now in Newmarket as part of the Cafe!  Unreal!

This is Darwin, the Quality Control Cat of the Tipsy Tabby.  He is flippin' ADORBS!!

Where is it Located?

The Tipsy Tabby is located on 90 Main Street in Newmarket, NH.  I already have it in my GPS.  Take your time, Kaitlyn!  All amazing things come to those who wait.

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