Ah yes. Just when you thought the medicinal marijuana movement has 'clawed' its way into every possible scenario, a restaurant in Maine gets their lobsters blazing even before they're cooked!

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Charlotte's Legendary Lobster Pound - Southwest Harbor, Maine

The story that is setting the internet 'ablaze' was originally written in The Mount Desert Islander so it's authenticity cannot be questioned!

They get their lobsters 'baked' before they're boiled in an effort to lessen any pain the crustaceans may feel. The only question I have is, 'How does one stone a lobster?'

From The Mount Desert Islander


Roscoe the lobster was placed for a few minutes in a covered box with about two inches of water at the bottom. Marijuana smoke was then blown into the water at the bottom of the box.

If you're worried (or hopeful) about getting some sort of contact high from this seafood, the intoxicating compound THC dissolves over temperatures of around 400 degrees.

You gotta hand it to Charlotte, she certainly puts new meaning to the term 'Legendary'.

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