This very reasonable Chinese restaurant shut its doors a few years ago and there are many dishes that I sorely miss each and every day.


Instead of the thick breading that turns some chicken fingers into gross chicken donuts and General Tso's Chicken into inedible glop, this place had a light batter that they used on both and it was outstanding.

Their Chicken Chow Mein was also unique in that the vegetables were always very fresh instead of the MSG drowned muck that you normally find at similarly priced restaurants.

For a decade, you could choose TWO sides that would accompany about two pounds of pork fried rice PACKED in a styrofoam box for ONLY $3.23 . Yes THREE DOLLARS AND TWENTY THREE CENTS. In this century!?

For the majority of this restaurant's 15 year run, it was at 12 Union Street and for those hardcore Main Moon fans like myself, you'll remember their tiny location on North Main Street at the Cumberland Farms expansion.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, I think I'd pay $100 for an order of their hot and sour soup now.

Did you enjoy any of their unique dishes as much as I did?

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