While we Patriots fans wait for the verdict on Rob Gronkowski's one game suspension appeal, I can't help but wag the finger of blame at another famous 'sport'.

For seven seasons, Gronk's behavior on the football field was nearly flawless THEN, this past April,  he got mixed up with that WWE crowd.

Nearly 100,000 fans at WrestleMania 33 went wild as he knocked Jinder Mahal into next week and helped his pal Mojo Rawley win The Battle Royale.

If you look at Gronk's histrionics when he crushed the back of Tre'Davious White's head and neck with a flying elbow on Sunday, it was frighteningly similar to the action seen in the video above.

I'm sure this outburst from Gronk will be a one time occurrence (I hope it is). But I can't help but think that his quick foray into the world of 'Sports Entertainment' was a contributing factor.

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