Karen M Johnson‎ is an essential worker and she has driven by this mask stand in Jaffrey everyday for the past three weeks.

She decided to express her gratitude on the u local New Hampshire Facebook page:

Karen M Johnson via u Local New Hampshire
Karen M Johnson via u Local New Hampshire

Whoever set this stand up didn't want recognition for it. They simply wanted to help their community during this uncertain time.

This photo got over 1,000 likes and so many positive comments! The over arching theme is we all hope that these acts of kindness and humility continue even when this pandemic is behind us.

According to the comments there are free mask stands in Dover and Peterborough, New Hampshire, as well.

If you have the exact locations of those mask stands or any others, please let us know so we can share it! We are New Hampshire Strong and we WILL get through this together.

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