This is fabulous news!  I've been a fan of Whole Foods for years and now, there's one coming to Portsmouth.   Sure, it's on the pricey side, but the quality of their food is amazing and the wine selection!  OH!

According to a story from Seacoast Online, Whole Foods will be coming to the former Shaw's location at 1600 Woodbury Avenue.  Shaw’s closed at that location last February and the building has been vacant ever since.


Right now, the chain has three locations close to the Seacoast - Bedford, Nashua, NH and Andover, Ma.

The retail center at 1600 Woodbury Avenue has about 9,000 square feet of available space.  The company who owns the grocery store is looking for other high-quality retailers that will drive additional customer traffic.  Here's what I think they should do with that extra space:

1.  Create high end apartments for people to live in and when I say "people," I mean, me and my family.

2.  Build a New Shark Tank in that space for me

3.  Take all my money for rent and food

4.  Bonus task for them:  Build a cat sanctuary so I can visit any time I want.  I don't want to change the litter box, but I want to have them close to me.

I won't have a car payment, cuz I can just walk to the studio and I won't ever have to worry about running out of milk or bread.  Brilliant.

The most important thing about Whole Foods is their fantastic selection of WINE!  I can't wait.  On Wine Down Wednesdays, you'll get 10% off and ANOTHER 10% if you buy 6 bottles or more!

Lastly, here are some tricks about Whole Foods that I found on YouTube




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