Detectives have solved the mystery of how an ATM ended up in the woods on Deer Isle, according to the Portland Press Herald. A woman came across the machine while she was on her morning walk on Tuesday, and reported it to the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office. The Portland Press Herald says Detective Steve McFarland was assigned the case, but couldn't figure out how the ATM, which is broken, ended up in the woods about a half-mile off Dexter Farm Road. That is until the owner contacted authorities to confess that she had put the ATM there as a joke. She supposedly told them she took the ATM from a trash dumpster.

As it turns out, her practical prank could lead to charges of littering or worse, if she happened to take any money that might have been in the ATM. Whether or not there was any cash inside the machine is unclear, according to the Press Herald. The sheriff's office is still investigating.

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