This is such a sweet story with a happy ending. A blind dachshund named OJ and a 6-year-old pit bull named Blue Dozer get to stay together, thanks to an anonymous person who agreed to adopt them both. The previous owner was forced to surrender the dogs when she became homeless, according to the Richmond Animal Control Center as reported by our news partner WMTW. OJ is 12 and completely depends on Dozer to show him around. Hopefully, these two best friends will get to live happily ever after in a loving new home.

The reason this beautiful story makes me sad is because we're approaching the one year anniversary of my husky Caesar's death. I still think about him every day. My eyes will fill with tears when I remember how he used to sunbathe by my pool in Florida, or how he would pull me around my old neighborhood like I was a sled when I took him for a walk. Since Caesar passed away last May, I keep his urn by the door, so I can pretend he's there waiting for me when I come home from work.

I'm not ready for a new dog yet; but when I am, I'm going to adopt from a local shelter.

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