Despite my best efforts, the answer appears to be 'NO'. In honor of The Kentucky Derby, WalletHub has released an extensive study on 'Most Gambling Addicted States' and one small New England State has a large problem.

Source: WalletHub

Rhode Island is Number 12!

There are several factors in determining that Rhode Island is in the Top 12 for 'Most-Gambling Addicted', but I lay the blame on ONE MAJOR mitigating factor.

Twin River Casino

And it's not anybody's fault.

Rhode Island is by far the smallest American state and Twin River Casino in Lincoln, Rhode Island has a GINORMOUS selection of slot machines.

4,200 machines is a mind boggling amount of games to choose from. And WalletHub assigned a DOUBLE-WEIGHT quotient to the ratio of slots per 1000 residents.

NO WONDER little Rhodey is in the dirty dozen!

My home away from home, Nevada, will be happy to see that the perception that they are the center of the gambling universe is STILL IN TACT.


As far as the other New England states, Massachusetts ranked 19th, NH ranked 32nd and Connecticut surprisingly came in 37th. Maine and Vermont were 40th and 41st respectively.

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