Are you going to get the vaccine?  I recently did a survey of my own on Facebook and here are a few of the responses from my friends when I posed this same question:

I'm not getting it. I need to see more research first. Vaccination still doesn't stop you from getting it or passing it on just lower your symptoms
No.1. They rushed this out and did not do the clinical trials that would make it FDA approved. 2. The virus has a 99% survival rate so I'd rather let my immune system do what its meant to do. 3. Law protects all vax manufacturers from all liability.
Response to that was:
ummm the FDA did approve it. And the clinical trials were done in a much more intense way. The only difference is we do not have the long term effects knowledge that we would typically have from more standardized trials. But we also are the only country that takes soooo long to test and approve meds of any kind.

The Survey Center at UNH did a survey and they found that 42% of Granite Staters will "almost certainly" get the vaccine, 19% said "probably," 10% "probably not," 21% "almost certainly not," and 8% "don't know or not sure."

I admit, I am concerned about getting the vaccine.  There are so many unknowns about it right now.  Having said that, there's no way that I'm not lining up to get it.  I have older siblings, my husband is older and has some respiratory issues, there's just no way that I'm going to roll the dice on this one.  I'm just hoping that whoever made the vaccine, no matter who that was, knew what they were doing.

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