Hello, and welcome to the New Hampshire Seacoast – formerly seasonal, but now operating year-round!

Let me take you on a tour of some of our favorite destinations, which you can now enjoy 24/7/365 (’66, if ‘tis a Leap!).

In the summertime, Captain’s Cove Adventure Golf in Hampton is fun for the entire family! With waterfalls and a lovely river beneath the bridges, 17 greens feel like a breeze, and on the 18th, you get a special prize if you hit the ball into the hole on your first try.

But in the wintertime, the Seacoast’s newest attraction is Captain’s Cove Adventure Skating. Come admire the wondrous mounds of snow as you triple axel your way to warmth on its brand-new skating ponds.

And on the 18th, you get a special prize if you slap the puck into the hole on your first try.

In the summertime, Lago’s Ice Cream provides refreshing treats to countless travelers on Route 1 in Rye. Its old-time exterior makes one expect their order to be delivered by someone on skates (roller skates, not Adventure Skates).

But in the wintertime, Route 1’s newest attraction is Lagocoa’s – the Seacoast’s number one, roadside hot chocolate emporium. I know what you’re thinking – “Won’t I be cold standing in line outside in New Hampshire during the middle of winter?” Very! That’s why you’re gonna want to get a large Lagocoa!

In the summertime, Water Country is the go-to water park on Lafayette Road in Portsmouth. But in the wintertime, you better put a giant "L" on your forehead, because that’s when it transitions to Route 1’s coolest Olympic attraction: Lugerville!

Quick PSA, though: you can't use a Halloween dummy to get into the two-man luge line, but you will get a refund for each child who goes too fast and winds up in the Taco Bell parking lot across the street (regardless of season, you should still expect a wedgie).

The Seacoast in the wintertime is a Business Wonderland!

OK, so none of these wintertime versions are actually real, but how great would it be if they were? Are there any other summertime businesses that you can think of that would be great to transition to a winter version?

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