WHOA!  This is scary stuff!   According to an article from nbcboston.com, a Worcester man accidentally swallowed an air pod in his sleep.

Bradford Gauthier and his wife have a 6 month old baby, so they don't watch TV at night, they just listen to shows in their headphones.  Each morning, Bradford has to look for at least one of the air pods, so he didn't think anything of it when it went missing.  He took a drink of water and it wouldn't go down.  Bradford literally had to let the liquid spill out of his chest because it wouldn't go down.  EYOO!  His older son joked that maybe he swallowed the air pod by accident.  After a trip to the E.R., his son was right!  The doctors were able to remove it without any problem, but that's scary!

Every night, my husband puts in his air pods, exactly like the ones that this guy swallowed.  See, I fall asleep about 3 hours earlier than he does, so, he'll listen to his shows with the buds in.  (Usually Forensic Files - it's always the husband, but that's neither here nor there.)  In the morning, he'll wake up and put them on his nightstand, just like this guy!  What if, one night he accidentally swallows them and he's not so lucky as this Worcester guy?  Those things could get lodged in so badly that you couldn't breathe.  From now on, I'm going to suggest he uses the wired headphones.  Much safer option!

Check out the story here from a YouTube video on Claim News:


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