I would NOT.

Craigslist used to be the place to go if you wanted a job or if you were looking for area yard sales or maybe try to get a date.  Since the tragic Craigslist killer, which happened in Boston if you recall, things on the website have changed an awful lot.  There is no section anymore for dating, (or for hiring prostitutes) but, that doesn't mean they have given up on the chance for love for the masses.

A few years ago, Craigslist created the 'missed connection' section of the site.  These are chance encounters with people or maybe just a wave to another human being.  Here are a few that entertained me from this morning:   

Looking for my buddy (Exeter Epping Area)

Posted a few times with no luck, but it's worth the effort. We were super close, both guys in our 40's. We used to get together a couple times a week and met up a few times on trails. My scedule changed, and I think you moved. Anyway, if you see this get back to me, I miss the fun we had together
Okay.  Pretty straight forward.  Not bad.  If I were that dude, I might reach out again. 
The cheesiest ads that I saw this morning go to these three:

Angela at best western (Portsmouth)

Thanks for your help finding the 3rd floor on other wing today, by the way your eyes had me melting,
would love to chat sometime. Nevermind the masks,, maybe an in person coffee??
I tried to call the Best Western in Portsmouth to see if Angela was working.  I was gonna tell her someone admires her eyes, but there was no answer.  Hard to find good help these days, I suppose.

I was lost in your smile (Nashua)

You were at Home Depot . I knew where the items were, just wanted to talk to you . Should I ask for your number ?
Eyoo.  I don't know why I find this one so icky, but I do.  I think it might be the title.  Keep my smile outta your mind, bub.  

Red Chevy borderline beverage (Rochester)

Saw you today around noon outside borderline beverage. Curvey blond rummaging around in a red Chevy. I don't think you saw me but couldn't help admire your curves. Would love to talk if you're available.

Bored (Newmarket)

I'm bored and free for a little bit. Hit me up. M4F
Well, hey now... Color me impressed!  Coulda done a little more work with this one.  
Anyway, Happy Friday, my friends.  Another 'round of MISSED CONNECTIONS THAT I'LL NEVER ANSWER coming up next Friday.

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