This is a real story about an actual four year comedy degree being offered by Emerson College in Boston. It's a great institution for the comic arts as you will see by the work of their famous alumni featured right here. Caution NSFW.

Denis Leary, Emerson '79

Steven Wright, Emerson '78

Jay Leno, Emerson '73

Leary and Wright are two of my all time favorites. I put Jay on with Dave because I think anyone under the age of 30 will be amazed at how great he was WITH David Letterman, instead of beating him in the ratings with bland topical Tonight Show material.

When you add in Andrea Martin of SCTV fame and Mike McDonald who hosts our wildly popular 'Mike McDonald's Comedy XXtravaganza' every year, Emerson College certainly seems like the ideal institution to offer this 4 year degree.