Our DJs have come back from the grave to share their top choices for scary movies this Halloween.

Zombie Jonathan


Psycho. Creepy Anthony Perkins, surprise ending, Hitchcock.

Zombie Fish


The Shining is my favorite horror film of all time.  I’m a huge Jack Nicholson fan, and I really enjoy most of Stanley Kubrick’s films.  This movie definitely freaked me out, most horror films depend on blood, guts and gore to scare you, but The Shining is more of a psychological thriller, and I love the fact that you really don’t know whether Jack got cabin-fever or if there was a supernatural presence causing him to go nuts.  Danny’s ‘gift’ adds another dimension to the film as well.  I love how the film is open to interpretation and still inspires debate to this day.  It’s a CLASSIC.

Zombie Aaron


Don't Look Now with Donald Sutherland... last scene freaks me the hell out.

Zombie DK


Stephen King's made for TV mini-series/movie 'It.' No it's not because of the clown. Or the giant spider. (If we're talking actual things that scare me snakes take the cake). 'It' will forever stay with me as the scariest movie I've ever seen because it was the first scary movie I saw when I was 9 years old. You remember that friend who's mom let you do or watch whatever you want? Yeah that's why.  

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