We are quickly approaching the tourist season here in New Hampshire as you well know or maybe you just moved here and don't know the area very well.  What are the unwritten rules of driving in the Seacoast of New Hampshire?  Follow these 10 commandments of driving and they should help all of us get to where we are going a bit safer and faster.

  • Thou shall get in the correct lane and merge property at the Portsmouth Traffic Circle.  If you want to go to 95 South - get in the right lane and don't end up on the Spaulding.  Watch the signs.
  • Thou shalt pull over for emergency vehicles - umm.... duh!
  • Thou shalt try not to hit the deer that fling themselves in front of thy car every Spring.
  • Thou shalt run Bambi down if, in fact, there is a possibility of creating a huge accident with other cars.
  • Thou shalt not scream down country roads during the springtime.  You will bottom out because of all the potholes and frost heaves.
  • Thou shalt not pull out in front of me if thou wants to drive slower than me.
  • Thou shalt not ride your bicycle in the place that is reserved for thine car.  I'll hate you.  I don't want to hate you.
  • Thou shalt not creep along Congress Street in Portsmouth waiting for a parking space to open up.  Drive thine butt to the parking garage and get out of everyone's way.
  • Thou shall stop at the crosswalks in Durham because thine children are stupid and will walk in front of thy car if you don't and you don't need that guilt.
  • Thou shall never, ever take 95 North over the bridge in to Maine after Memorial day through the beginning of the fall on a Friday or Saturday.  Traffic is ridiculous.

You're welcome!

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