White Water Rafting in Maine

The Pine State may very well have some of the best white water rafting in the Northeast. Ripping down the rapids of our dam-controlled rivers is just one of the hundreds of things to do in this beautiful state in the warmer months and it is definitely one that needs to be on your list.

Our three dam-controlled rivers are the Kennebec, Dead, and Penobscot Rivers. All three offer conditions for rafting rides that range from leisurely to extremely intense, so you can definitely find a ride that fits your needs.

Whether you’re looking to float along taking in the mountain views and wildlife or you’re looking to gamble your life away with an adrenaline-pumping adventure, you can find it here in Maine. Our rafting season goes from May until October when you’ll probably need to throw on a wetsuit.

Some spots offer day trips toward the end of April, so start planning cause the rafting season is almost here!

White Water Rafting in New Hampshire

For those who want to change it up or are traveling to New Hampshire, our neighboring state offers plenty of rafting rides, too.

New Hampshire has several white water rafting outfitters to choose from scattered around the state on different rivers. You can find family-friendly and leisurely options floating down the Androscoggin River or you can get the heart pounding on the more intense rivers around the area.

There aren’t any crazy differences among white water outfitters but each spot does differ in terms of intensity, what’s provided, what the minimum age is, and the duration of the ride. You can’t go wrong with any decision - you’ll have an adventure regardless while you spend the day in nature in two gorgeous states. Some spots even offer multiple-day trips.

Here’s a list of places in New Hampshire and Maine where you can go white water rafting starting this spring:

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