The day has arrived!  There is an actual website that I can point to that says that women, statistically, are better drivers than MEN!

According to the website,, there are three valid reasons why:

69% of all court appearances for traffic violations were male.  Men were caught speeding, driving without insurance, careless driving, drink-driving, etc., 69% more than women!!

Insurance premiums are higher for MEN than WOMEN.  The insurance companies know that men are a bigger risk.

The website also states that 65% of all car insurance claims were made by MEN.  That means that men are getting in to more accidents more often than women!  My husband might say that HE had to make the phone call because I was too upset, but that's not the case!

I do think, however, that regardless of your gender, anyone can behave badly on the roadway.  Remember the two women fighting on 128 not too long ago?

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