Get ready for another load of snow to the Granite State.

While you're out on the road judging everyone else, (you know you do) you're bound to come across five types of drivers.

Are you one of them?


1. The "SUV VIP" -  Hockey practice may be cancelled, but that's not going to keep this massive hunk of steel off the road. In fact, not only are they going to arrive in style, but they'll be the first to get there. Like in the movie Speed, these massive hunks of steel won't be seen under 50MPH for hours at a time.



2. The "Need A Tow Bro" - Sometimes, a cousin to #1. This is the driver who somehow veered off the road while supposedly driving in a straight line. You can judge, but don't laugh. Mother Nature is likely handing out karma cards to those who fail this simple test. The usual follow-up spin is proof of this. You know they're okay, as they're pacing their vehicle, wondering how it all went wrong. Hint: Checking, or taking a photo for Instagram leads to a stunning amount of these situations. 




3. The "Creeper" - This one's pretty self explanatory. Riding past them, you notice their hands at ten and two, inching their bodies closer to the wheel. It's as if the 4-6 inches they are positioned closer to the windshield will save them from imminent disaster. Oh, and it's not like they're going to look back at you, effectively smashing rule #1 "must..not...look away from....highway!" They also "creep" to their location. Often. at the expense of 37 cars lined up behind them. They're like a highway episode of Hoarders!




4. The "Snow Glober" - This self important fool slides down the road in what looks to be a mobile igloo. You have no idea of the make, model, or color of the vehicle. Knowing which way they're going to turn is also a mystery, as they never bothered to clean off the thing. Be careful, seeing one may cause you to instantly channel a drivers ed teacher with a bad attitude. They're not worth your time, and won't learn until law enforcement pulls them over. Or worse, Mother nature's karma cards deal them to #2 on this list.


Glenda Powers

5. The "Perfect Driver" - I mean, that's you...right?