There's a "new" venue that we've been hearing about and I had a chance to go check it out this past Friday night and here's what I learned:

The Chevalier Theatre is an old school that has been re-purposed as an entertainment venue.

There are three things that you must know before you go:

1.  The Chevalier does not have an exclusive parking lot, however, it is located in Medford Square, so there is a ton of free parking, as long as you show up after 6pm.

2)  6pm would be the perfect time to get to Medford because there are plenty of great restaurants in the area and if the venue continues to bring in good acts, there might be more that pop up.

3)  If you are on the guest list, don't show up until just before show time.  My husband and I got there at about 6:45pm for an 8pm show.  (I know, it's early, but we wanted to check out the venue since we had never been there.  They have a bar, after all)  We found the box office and I told the woman that I was on the guest list.  She didn't have it yet.  I don't want to bore you with the details, but suffice it to say that the girl needed some help in there and she was getting a little testy with the media people waiting outside of the box office until 7:45pm to get their tickets.  We all were very well behaved and sympathetic to her situation, (all dressed in our best black for the show we were about to see) I just didn't want to be yelled at, but whatever I guess.  BTW, I had to pee and I couldn't enter the venue until I had a ticket in hand.  Guess where the bathrooms (and the bar) were?

We finally got in and it turned out fabulously.  The band, Generation Axe, was one that I won't forget.  My hearing is a little less than it was when I first got there, but it was worth it.

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