Only someone who is from New England would say this weekend was really nice.  It was 45 degrees and cloudy, but warm enough to go outside and actually do some spring clean up.  We had a large tree in our yard that needed to be moved for some workers coming on Tuesday.  Why did we think we could just MOVE the tree ourselves?  That was just silly.  We decided to go to Lowe's (cue the angel harp) and get a chainsaw so we could cut it in to pieces and move each piece one by one.

My husband and I know NOTHING about chainsaws.  I know what they're called and I've seen them in Texas Massacre movies, but other than that, I know nothing about them.  Well, we learned a few things about them that I thought I should pass on:

1.  You need oil to run a chainsaw.  It's a motor, so don't think that it just runs like magic.  I didn't know this and had to run out again after we got home.

2.  Some chainsaws are battery operated and you have to charge the battery before you use the thing.  Depending on the size of the battery, you'll need to re-charge if you have a lot of cutting to do.

3.  The blade of the chainsaw is called a "bar," and if it's not long enough, you won't be able to cut though the log.


After we learned those lessons, we then discovered that moving a tree, piece by piece, is still very, very heavy.  After hoisting three pieces from the ground to the wheelbarrow, the chainsaw needed to be charged up again and I was thankful.  I needed a rest anyway.  It wasn't as easy as I had imagined.

Why didn't I just call "the guy" to come over and do it?

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