Last night, a 3 year old boy was honored for saving the life of his elderly neighbor who had accidentally locked herself in the basement of her home, according to a report from WMUR.

Eyas Tran had a very special day at the Hampton Police Department yesterday.  They gave him the Lifesaving Award, an award normally saved for Police Officers.  They also showered him with toys, including toy rescue vehicles, his favorite things, for calling attention to what could have been a tragic situation.

If you don't remember the story from earlier this month, the WMUR report recalls, Eyas was on a walk with his family the day he saw three newspapers piling up on his neighbors steps.  Eyas was concerned for his neighbor, wondering why she wasn't taking her papers, so his Mom called 911 and first responders found his neighbor, 67 year old Peggy Pilat-Roth had accidentally locked herself in her basement.  The basement did not have lights, food or water.  For three, almost 4 days, Peggy kept herself busy by sleeping and exercising on the stairs.

You know what I would be doing if I accidentally locked myself in my window-less basement?  I'd be..... FREAKING OUT!

This is the best story I've heard in a long time!  I keep thinking about poor Peggy!  The boy is a superstar, to be sure, but MAN, I want to talk to Peggy.  I've tried to find her on the socials, but so far, no luck.  If you know her, please ask her to contact me.  I want to know what her secret was to surviving.  I would have been out of my mind scared.  Especially with no lights, no phone, no motorcar, not a single luxury.  OH!

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:



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