Everybody knows TB12 was Number 199, but there are 4 huge players in recent Boston Sports history that were draft picks that NOBODY ever remembers.

4 of the Best Boston Draft Picks NOBODY Remembers

Last night the Celtics selected Aaron Nesmith from Vanderbilt with the 14th over pick in the NBA Draft and that got me thinking. There has to be examples for each of the BIG FOUR Sports that are gigantic selections that were overlooked at the time.

Oh yes.

Curt Schilling's draft history even shocked me a bit when I found out. I had been living and dying as a long suffering Red Sox fan my entire life. It wasn't until The Sox signed him in the 2003 off season that I learned Boston had originally drafted him in 1986.

His trade along with Brady Anderson in 1988 is just another example of woeful decisions throughout a century. Thankfully, the 2 championships Schilling won here have soothed the memory of that blunder.

The only memories of draft day that I have of these four are of Vince Wilfork. The Pats were in need of a big man in the middle of the defensive line and I couldn't believe nobody selected him for hours.

When he eventually dropped to #21 I jumped about as high as I did when New England won the Superbowl three months prior. They'd win it again Wilfork's rookie year, then again in his last season as a Patriot before leaving for a short stint in Houston.

But I'm a bit of an NFL Draft nerd, NOBODY outside of the Big Man's immediate family can recall the 21st pick of the 2004 Draft.

As for Patrice Bergeron and Paul Pierce, they're perfect examples of how all the attention and noise is overrated. Their numbers will be hanging in the rafters forever and the 24 hour sports media machine barely mentioned them when their names were first called so long ago.

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