New teammates! Great match ups! And a whole lot of laughs on this week's episode!

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Team Sarah has a new teammate this week as the roster has changed from Sister Christian to Sarah's actual sister, Susan!

Although Hugh probably would also like to bolster his team, he will be stuck with me for the ages! Or at least until we actually win the elusive Shark U Pick Em Championship (PICTURED ABOVE)

Team Hugh Picks: New Orleans

You would think one of the odds on favorites to win the Superbowl VS. one of the worst teams in football would be an easy pick , right?


Future Hall Of Fame QB Drew Brees suffered cracked ribs and a punctured lung last week and will not be playing this Sunday against the lowly Atlanta Falcons.

Be it Jameis Winston or Taysom Hill, Hugh and I figure the home field advantage should help them just enough to hang on against ATL.

We can only hope!

Team Sarah Picks: Tampa Bay

Does it seem like Sarah has picked EVERY Tampa Bay game since the Greatest Of All Time left New England for St. Pete Beach?

That phenomenon has repeated itself yet again.

Hugh and I were very hopeful that Susan's loathing for all things Tampa would force them to pick The LA Rams for this Monday Night matchup, but, much like our entire 2 and a half year run at U Pick Em, our luck did not hold out.

However we are still only one game back of Team Sarah (6-4) and there's a whole lotta football left to be played!

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