Words like 'LOCKDOWN' and 'QUARANTINE' can be scary, but I'm here with 5 silver linings of working outside of home in this Year of 2020.

5 Great Things About Working Safely in NH

In February of this year, I had no clue what an 'Aglaonema' was and now? I'm proud to check in on the dampness of it's soil every couple days and I've even rotated the planter so the leaves can all get equal amounts of sunlight (albeit indirect).

In my humble opinion, paper coffee cups were being used excessively. I would think nothing of grabbing a new sleeve every week. The pace we're at now? I may never have to order any for years and that's not an exaggeration.

I've always been an introvert and I think that will always be part of my nature. HOWEVER, the past few months have really made me HAPPY to see people. Not ALL people mind you. But MOST people and I think that's a sign of healthy social interaction! Who knew I was capable of such a thing?

I also avoided the Bob Fuller Media Center refrigerator the same way Kevin McAllister was terrified of the furnace (Home Alone reference). Now, I actually USE IT from time to time and am thrilled with the way it keeps my food cool while not infusing it with horrible smells of rot and ruin.

In the future as things morph into 'The New Normal', I think I'll miss having the fridge pretty much all to myself but I'll put up with it because I've really missed having everyone around here too.

I'll probably have to stop talking to the house plant though. Ain't nothing normal about that at all.

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