Quirky things you'll see in Northern New England and almost no where else?! Well I've noticed a few since moving here in January. Even growing up a couple hours down I-95 in Rhode Island, there are some oddities and colloquialisms ya just don't see elsewhere!

1. "Blasting area," "Falling rock risk area," "moose crossing" signs on the highway

2. Yes, lots of states have them, but only Massachusetts residents and on up to New Hampshire/Maine there are these things called "rotaries," and not "roundabouts"

3. Grocery shopping right at a farm doesn't happen in Boston or New York City or even Kansas as it happens along backroads in the Granite State.

4. Potential presidential candidates are everywhere. I saw Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown (by happenstance) twice while driving up to Concord and then to Laconia.

5. Christmas lights/decorations staying up thru spring. Hey, it DOES get dark and bleak on long back roads, why not be festive eh?

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