We're only a few weeks away from Insane Inflatable 5k so it's time to cram in as much training as possible with these five easy tips for getting ready for the most fun race of your life!

1. Squats

DK Squat
DK Squat

It's all about the quads baby. Keep your legs strong while you navigate the bounce houses all the way to the finish line.

No equipment necessary for this exercise.

2. Box Jumps

Jumping is fun, and chances are you're going to be doing a lot of it at the race. All you need is something sturdy to jump up on to. A coffee table, or the hood of your dad's Chrysler will work.

3. Jumping Rope

All you need is a jump rope. They're like $3 at the Dollar Store. Good investment because it gives you a great cardio work out and works muscles all over your body.

4. Sprints

After all this is a race and sprinting will help with finishing in time for after race beers!

5. Stretching

Getting a good long stretch in every day will help in the long run. Take it from me; someone who doesn't stretch at all and is in pain every day of my life.

Now that you have a workout regime down it's time to pull the trigger on Insane Inflatable.

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