Why do we have these blasted things anyway? Who made it a rule that a woman has to carry a purse? Yuk!

I am not one of those women who darn near worship the purse, however, I do carry one.  Many of these things found in a Reader's Digest article I recently read, I carry, but I think it's time to change my ways.

1.  Passwords - Obviously, if they fall in to the wrong hands, you're in a pickle with your bank accounts. Crooks can steal all of your money and have access to your social media!  Your Mom wouldn't want to see some of the pictures they would post on your Instagram account.

2.  Debit Cards - They put you at high risk of spending too much. People have a tendency to not keep track of what they spend when that debit card is constantly at the ready in your purse.

3.  Laptop - The weight on your shoulder will be detrimental to your posture giving you unnecessary back pain.

4.  Receipts - Crooks can track where you shop, giving them one more step to identify fraud.

5.  Work Badge - This could create havoc with your employer. A thief can wait until after hours and use your badge to have access to everything at your work place.

I say it's time to forget the purse. Do what the guys do and carry everything we need in our back pockets.

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