Have you ever had yourself some soft serve ice cream? Of course you have and that means you've had yourself a creemee too. It's Vermont slang for soft serve ice cream that has taken on a life of its own amongst our New England neighbors. But for those that will die on the hill that creemees are actually different than your standard soft serve, good news, there's going to be a new food truck in Maine this week that will bring that Vermont goodness to Vacationland.

According to Portland Food Map, the Maine Maple Creemee Co. food truck will make its debut in Portland this weekend on the Eastern Prom Friday and on Washington Avenue for the remainder of the weekend. The menu will consist of the Vermont classic maple creemee as well as a Maine wild blueberry creemee that can be served on a house made cone. Sounds pretty darn tasty to us.

In a place where there are tons of incredible food trucks to choose from, it's kind of exciting to see ice cream trucks return to the fold. Excuse us, we meant to say ice creemee trucks.



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