This WCVB story is bound to warm your heart. Crispi's in Bridgewater, MA has been a fixture on the local restaurant scene for 34 years. They just hosted 'A Night Free of Judgement' for families with autistic children and the results were terrific.

The owners of this well known establishment had the foresight to consult a special education teacher who helped craft a more comforting atmosphere. There was no music, brighter lighting and they featured a specialized menu.

Channel 5 also reported that they served over 90 family members that evening and many we're amazed and very appreciative of this opportunity.

"We have three children on the spectrum. Something like this doesn't happen. So to have somebody say, "Come on in. We want you. We welcome you.' It's fantastic.

Pauline Maclellan- Crispi's Patron - According to WCVB

Hopefully, evenings like these will become more commonplace and provide parents with a hospitable place to enjoy what so many families take for granted.

With a success story such as this, I have no doubt that more restaurants will host a 'Night Without Judgment' throughout all of New England as news of this story continues to spread.

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