WOW!  I did not see this one coming.

According to a report from WMUR, actual fans will be allowed inside the New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon to watch the NASCAR Cup Series.

Of course, safety guidelines will be in place for the August 2nd race, the Foxwoods Resort Casino 301, with requirements to remain socially distant and capacity will be limited to 35%, according to the report, meaning approximately 19,000 fans could attend.



The Speedway is following the Governor's guidelines.  The report quotes him as saying,

Being outdoors, having it being for a limited time, having a system where you can ensure the physical distancing for the vast majority of the event, again, I just think gives us a lot of confidence.

This is kinda cool too - the report says that fans CAN bring food and unopened beverage in a clear bag to the event!

If you are a NASCAR fan, this must be good news for you, but I am not a huge fan.  I will admit, I've never actually BEEN TO  a race at the Speedway on race day.  I have been there, but only for special events when no fans were there.  I came in DEAD LAST for Media Day.  I was able to sit behind the wheel of Danica Patrick's race car and that was cool!  I was afraid to go fast though....  It was loud and I couldn't hear anyone talking to me through the headphones I had on.  I will say, it is not easy to turn left at high speeds when you are strapped in to a metal box with a really loud motor.


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