Look out world! This is Nova from Somersworth, our latest Shark's Pet Of The Month thanks to Pet Supplies Plus of Somersworth. What an adorable Husky Puppy!

Photo Courtesy - Polk Family
Photo Courtesy - Polk Family

Nova's official breed is an 'Agouti' Husky which I had never heard of until I saw its profile.

The 'Agouti' breed has beautiful fur that is often much darker than the Siberian husky, each individual hair is banded, meaning that it has different striations of color in each particular strand.

One thing that separates Nova "from the pack", when looking at the other examples of Agouti huskies online is the lovable mask-like pattern around the eyes. It's kind of similar to Batman's cowl or the trademark mask of The Lone Ranger.

There are similarities to Siberian huskies in their personality traits as Agouti's tend to be very energetic and are great herding animals.

They don't typically make a lot of noise unless their really excited or agitated but every husky that I've ever met has an amazing communicative talent.

I can't wait to find out if Nova talks like a human, or at least, does an impression of a human being speaking.

A buddy of mine had a husky and if you talked to him like he was responsible for some sort of far fetched mishap, he'd give it right back to you in a hilarious low growl while moving his mouth in a human-like manner.

Every husky I've ever met since then will do the same thing if you growl at it the same way!

However, it's always a good idea to ask the owner permission before you start growling at random huskies out in public.

Congrats again Nova! You win a $50 Gift Card to Pet Supplies Plus in Somersworth!

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