His fascination and, dare I say, obsession with, this beautiful NH Seacoast hamlet began just a couple weeks into the new year with another 'random' tweet that also caused quite a firestorm of attention around these parts.

He all but admits that he is will spare no expense (not sure if that's a wise move in the current real estate market) and also throws in his undying gratitude as a bonus!

A quick check of the digital map shows that his commute to Gillette Stadium would be just under 90 minutes, which isn't exactly ideal. So, that is probably why he is looking for a winter rental.

What's strange is, I don't doubt that he loves it here and spends a great deal of time here. But I would think that, on the subject of social media, photos of him out and about on Market Street or State Street would be everywhere.

6'3" tall, 250 pounds and trademark flowing golden locks?

Yet, I haven't seen any tweets of Chase Winovich sightings.

Perhaps if he gets this rental, we'll start to see him everywhere!

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