The ice of this morning's storm caused my rear windshield wiper to not only break, but fall completely off my car. Here's my explanation of what I think happened.

Busted Windshield Wiper

I have to admit, I really did a poor job scraping my back window this morning. I only cleared about half of the middle section of the window because the ice was much thicker there than the other three sides of the car. But my laziness was not without reason.

The rear defrost really works good and usually after just a couple of minutes, ice of any thickness will be cooked away and my trusty wiper will clean away any remnants of rime.

Instead of being a trusty wiper, I guess it was a rusty wiper and I heard a clunk when I turned it on. I looked back, and sure enough it was going back and forth as it always does.

Somewhere in Dover, I turned it  AND the rear defrost off.

It wasn't until later this morning, in a search for my umbrella, that I realized that it wasn't there!

I'm still coping with the fact that it could be anywhere over a seven mile stretch of road that winds between Rochester, Gonic and Dover.

The initial clunk must have been the bottom part of that base that couldn't handle the stress of running while still frozen and then at some point over the next few minutes the little part of plastic that heroically held the whole apparatus, ultimately failed too.

I hope it tumbled safely off to the side of the road, I'd hate it if a morning's worth of commuters had to wince while running over it, especially in this mess.

I promise I will try to locate it on my ride home.

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