This 5th grader can most likely beat you in a 5K, I know he could crush me in any race. Aidan Cox of Northwood, New Hampshire ran in the SEA 5K in Concord, New Hampshire this past weekend and he is now the 5K WORLD record holder for 10-year-olds!

He finished with a time of 17:24 at the SEA 5K in Concord. What an amazing accomplishment. He beat the record that was set in 2000 by 24 seconds!

An article was written about him on, and they say he set the record for 9-year-olds the year before at that very same race.

Aidan, a fifth grader, is being pretty cool about the whole thing according to the article. He didn't even know he set the record until his parents made him aware of it.

He comes from a family of runners, so it's no surprise that he loves running and thrives in the sport.

In this ever growing competitive world of kids sports, it's refreshing to hear his parents say to,

We’re looking long term—and understand what looking long-term means. It doesn’t mean college, the Olympics, or any of that stuff,” Tim Cox said. “It means a lifelong sport that they enjoy. If that other stuff comes along, that’s ridiculous to even think about at this stage. It’s about teaching them a lifelong activity that they can hopefully fall back on at many different times in their lives.

Check out Aidan's WORLD record finish at the SEA 5K in Concord this past Saturday.