The beach does get crowded this time of year, so I am taking to the hills to do some exploring.

Given the number of Great White Shark sightings, I am going to stay out of the water, but I still like to be scared so I am taking a haunted hike.

I saw on a really cool story about the Blood Town Forest in Lancaster, Massachusetts.

The land for Blood Town Forest was donated to the town by a very generous Arthur W. Blood (appropriately named) who allegedly took a turn to the dark side, according to

Another rumor on stated that Arthur Blood was murdering people in the town and hanging their bodies from trees in the forest.  Was he crazy?  Or a serial killer?  No one seems to know.

There have been reports of white apparitions walking along the stone walls, reports of phantoms and screams have been noted coming from the woods, according to

Of course, these are all rumors, but you never know...

Whatever I discover I will report back, if I make it back that is!

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