Everyone's favorite 24/7 New Hampshire restaurant is looking to add another location in Concord, NH.

Instagram - moejava
Instagram - moejava

You are not a New Hampshire citizen unless you have stumbled into a Red Arrow Diner after midnight and had yourself a delicious late-night breakfast.

This late night tradition will be easier for patrons in Concord with a location coming to Loudon road, according to The Concord Monitor. If approved, it will replace a gas station at the location and give locals something to eat after midnight.

The 24/7 diner, known for its iconic mug and "Dinah Fingers" currently has locations in Milford, Manchester and Londonderry. I've been to the Milford and Manchester locations and have never been disappointed. Always got to get the King Moe’s Breakfast. Always.

Concord folks are sure to be happy about this, especially after a few beers or cocktails. Whether it is late at night or during a hung over morning, nothing tastes better than Red Arrow Diner.

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