Pardon my thumb people! In this photo it is holding the best breakfast wrap I've ever had, and it's from an iconic sandwich place right here in Dover!

Train Images
Train Images

Thanks to the great staff at River Bend for always creating whatever culinary concoction I feel like having and today I think I have finally done it.

It is a life's goal of mine to create a River Bend sandwich or wrap that is so good that is quickly becomes a house favorite and, subsequently, the sandwich gets NAMED after me.

Here's what's in 'The Breakfast Train'.

It's a small white egg and cheese wrap with bacon, sausage AND avocado.

How do you offset the guilt that may arise from consuming a breakfast sandwich packed with melted cheese and TWO kinds of wonderful salted pork products?

Load it up with a Superfood! Avocado makes everything better AND healthier. It's a monounsaturated fat !

I'n hoping that someday soon, 'The Breakfast Train' will grace the hallowed pages of River Bend's official menu.

In the meantime, I'd suggest ordering this sandwich by listing it's ingredients.

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