The black bears are officially out in Maine and they are hungry. Black bears are willing to travel far and wide for even just a decent meal and because of that there have been several black bear sightings in just the last week in places that would hardly be considered "bear country". But if you're someone who needs absolute, definitive proof that the black bears of Maine are hungry, look no further than this ridiculous picture.

Reddit via mlcdkingoftheworld
Reddit via mlcdkingoftheworld

Shared on Reddit by mlcdkingoftheworld, that's a photo of a rather large black bear perched top a bird feeder in someone's backyard in Acton. There's a lot to digest from this one photo so we'll do our best. First off, thanks for showing us your 'best side' black bear, very flattering. Secondly. whomever built this birdhouse should probably be contracted to build all birdhouses on planet Earth because that seems to be handling the weight of a big black bear just fine. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, is a reminder that black bears have awakened from their state of dormancy and are looking for the easiest ways to fatten up before summer hits. If you've got food or even trash outside of your house, it could attract a bear. Black Bears generally don't want to hang out with humans and chances are, you don't want to get up close and personal with a bear either. Use your best judgment this time of year, especially in heavily wooded areas.

As one of the commenters said on Reddit as they channeled the movie "Jaws", you're going to need a bigger birdhouse.


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