You might expect them if you think about what people do when there is no power in the house...


Blizzards may have the power bring something a little more enjoyable than power outages and big piles of snow.

More babies are born during severe weather events and the Blizzard of 2015 is no exception. NECN reports that New England's "Snowmageddon" brought in more deliveries than usual in Massachusetts. The reasons behind the increase in Blizzard Babies can vary, but medical professionals have confirmed that they see more pregnant mothers when the weather is severe.

The effects of blizzards on pregnancies can also be seen months later (about nine months to be exact.)

Rumor has it that an increased number of babies are born nine months after a major blizzard. This "Blizzard Baby Boom" is credited to the fact that people are stuck inside, often without power, and need something to occupy their time. That "something" also happens to produce babies.

Is this based in fact or a complete work of fiction? ABC reports that experts agree that the "boom" is a real thing that happens after major weather events. In 2013, hospitals reported "a 10 percent to 20 percent uptick in births" after Superstorm Sandy in 2012.

Research from the University of Texas showed that the severity of the storm can also have an effect. Low to moderate storm warnings were shown to increase birthrates, while severe weather warnings actually decreased them.

Other hospitals claim there is no baby boom effect after storms. Those people obviously haven't been trapped in their home with no power for a week surrounded by romantic candlelight.



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