According to a story from WGME, the boil water order for Hampton, North Hampton and Rye has been lifted.  The story says that the Aquarion Water Company issued the order Friday and by Sunday morning, the order was no longer in effect.

The boil water order was issued last week due to e-coli bacteria detected in the water samples they collected.  The company had this to say, according to the story from WGME:

E.coli bacteria were detected in one of ten samples collected in the Hampton system on Wednesday. We are currently investigating to determine the probable cause of this occurrence, including a review of operations and collection of repeat bacteria samples. All water in the Hampton system is disinfected prior to distribution to customers. At this time there is no indication of any irregularity in treatment and there were no main breaks in the vicinity.

If you live in those towns and you're like me, you'll be using bottled water from now until forever.

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