The team sealed off Chih-Jung Liu over Coronavirus concerns after the pitcher arrived at Fort Myers from Taiwan.

While fears become reality in a Coronavirus world, the Boston Red Sox have taken precautions with prospect Chih-Jung Liu. According to Republic World, the right-handed pitcher was signed by the Red Sox in October last year had traveled from Taiwan to meet the team for spring training. However, given current concerns, Red Sox management thought it would be best to isolate Chih-Jung Liu instead.

For the time being, he is training alone. According to his Facebook page, Chih-Jung Liu says the Red Sox are providing him with three meals per day and the pitcher is spending time reading and gathering information about the team. However, he has reportedly taken an occasional run.

Last year, he signed with the team as an international free agent. According to Republic Word, Liu has a high ceiling and looks like a fastball-slider.


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