For fans of "Jet Cars Under The Stars", this Saturday night at New England Dragway, the value of peanut butter and jelly can be calculated in a discounted admission price.

New England Dragway is helping out our friends End 68 Hours of Hunger (The Shark's Year of Service award winner), and are offering up to a $5.00 discount of the admission price for August 9th, Jet Cars Under The Stars.  For each item donated, they will get $1.00 off, up to $5.00.

Items requested are 18 ounce plastic jars of Peanut butter, and 20 ounce plastic squeezeable containers of jelly

Apparently these are the most expensive items that they go through very quickly.

End 68 Hours of Hunger is a not for profit group that is working tirelessly to help to help those children who go hungry during the 68 hours between their last meal at school on Friday, and their first meal on Monday morning. They are planning to be there on August 9th, at 4 pm to collect donations.

It doesn't get much better than Jet cars, PB&J, saving money, and helping others!