Have you ever purchased something and had the highest of hopes for it? Or at the very least, expected it to work at a reasonable capacity?

Ever been sorely disappointed by that item?

That happened to Mainer Doc Goodwin when he purchased a grill for summertime eats. I'm sure he dreamed of juicy burgers, grilled hot dogs, and more. Instead, all he got was disappointment.


Barely a year of ownership, the grill is now listed on Facebook on the New Bangor/Brewer Area Swap and Sell Facebook page, and priced for what Goodwin believes it's worth, absolutely nothing. Just don't ask many questions, and for the love of God do not return it back to him.

The bright side is, this isn't a "sounds good too good to be true" deal because Goodwin very clearly spells out how much this grill sucks. Check out the brutally honest listing below:

Doc Goodwin via Facebook
Doc Goodwin via Facebook

I suppose if grills are your thing or you enjoy tinkering this could be right up your alley. Otherwise, prepare yourself for an undercooked diner and the potential for pieces to fall off. I will say this, I appreciate the honesty.

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