An argument over a $7 tip between employees of a Westport, MA car dealership and a local pizza delivery guy was caught on tape.

The video shows the delivery man returning $7 which he thought was his tip to an employee at the car dealership. What transpires afterwards is heart-wrenching.

The total bill came to $42 so the employees gave the guy $50 and said sent him on his way with a $7 tip (already a bad sign). Moments after the delivery man had left, the dealership called the pizza place and told the manager to send him back because they gave him too much.

How ridiculous is that?!?

To make matters worse, when the delivery guy returned to the dealership he was immediately accosted by employees. One employee offered to "put my foot in your ass" if he didn't leave quick enough. Tough crowd I guess.

Is there any job that gets less respect than a food delivery person? Rain or shine these lucky souls are out to please everyone, running red lights and blowing stop signs just to get to their destination on time in hopes of good tip.

Now throw in a "car salesmen" and you have the perfect recipe for disaster. These people already have a terrible reputation for being slimy and untrustworthy. (And this isn't the first run-in this pizzeria has had with this place)

Think twice next time you order delivery; or do what I do and get take-out because you NEVER tip on take-out.

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